do i get the gold chariot?
do i float through the ceiling? [x]

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Photorealistic pastels of the Maldives by Zaria Forman

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Angels of the Week↳ Wednesday: Lucifer


Angels of the Week
Wednesday: Lucifer

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part of me is thinking, ‘girl, you should just go. throw down some money, take a nice vacation, see some extravagant things, fuck the world, enjoy your favorite month of the year.’

the more overwhelming part of me is thinking ‘so sick and tired of adventuring by myself. I’d rather take a vacation into someone’s life who had real friends.’ 

it’s a big struggle for me right now. I just want to curl up and float away sometimes.


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supernatural version

dean or sam or castiel
bela or jo or charlie
garth or kevin or adam
bobby or john winchester
death or war or famine or pestilence
crowley or lucifer or abaddon or metatron
ruby or meg or lilith
balthazar or anna or gadreel
angels or demons 
ghost or shapeshifter or vampire 
the colt or demon-killing knife 
the roadhouse or bobby’s house or the bunker
heaven or hell or purgatory
anti-possession tattoo or mark of cain
destiel or wincest or sastiel or other
samjess or megstiel or deanlisa or other
dean smith or endverse!dean or demon!dean
broken!sam or sam wesson or lucifer!sam
jensen ackles or jared padalecki or misha collins
season 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 

Would you be the saviour of the broken, the beaten and the damned?

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by BioWorkZ


by BioWorkZ

Reblog this if you have ever attempted any of the following while you were alone:











-Using the force



-The Matrix 



-Going Super Saiyan

-Jutsu Hand Signs

-Spells from Harry Potter


-Breaking the 66 seals

-Opening purgartory

-Turning into a green rage monster

-Being a synthesized voice program

-Getting a bunch of bitches to kneel


Bitch please I do these in public

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